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¾” gray stone has various uses, some of which include as driveway stone, as a base for a shed and as drainage stone.

¾” red stone is most often used as driveway stone.

¾” and 1”-3” river rock are more decorative stones commonly used around swimming pools, walkways and flowerbeds.

2A modified stone, stone screenings and concrete or mason sand are usually used in different applications when setting patio pavers.

Crushed concrete and crushed asphalt are frequently used as a base for roadway improvements.  They are often used as a base in sidewalk and driveway improvements as well.  Some landscapers prefer to use crushed concrete as a base for setting patio pavers. 

Tire scrubber is a 1½”-3” clean concrete stone often used by contractors for the construction vehicle entrance into new developments or job sites.  

Dark brown root mulch is a natural wood product that is made by grinding together tree stumps, brush and tree parts.  The result is a deep, rich brown mulch that is ideal for both the nourishment and appearance of flowerbeds.

Black or red dyed mulches are made the same way as the root mulch with an Earth friendly dye added to the wood during the grinding process.  The result is a rich black mulch and a crisp red mulch.  Like the root mulch, they are both quality mulches that will beautify and nourish your flowerbeds; the only difference is the color you want for outside your home. 

Playground mulch is a natural wood mulch that is made strictly from the trunk of the tree.  It is a cleaner mulch in that it contains little to no soil.  Before grinding, the tree is stripped of its stump, branches and bark.  The result is a clean, tan colored mulch.  When applied according to specifications this mulch is certified for use on children’s playgrounds.  Playground mulch will beautify and nourish your flowerbeds as well; again it is all in the look you want for outside your home.

Topsoil goes through two screening processes to remove stones and twigs from the soil.  When planting bulbs, flowers, or vegetables, this is the product you want to use. 

Fill dirt is just regular dirt.  It goes through a screening process which removes any rocks and debris.  It can be used in various applications; as backfill for septic or pool removal, support for a retaining wall, or simply to fill in some low areas in your yard. 


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